What does my Anaesthetic cost?

There are a number of ways the fee for your anaesthetic is calculated. For example under the Fixed Price Scheme the anaesthetist’s fees are included in the cost quoted by the hospital. For other types of operation we charge based on  Staplegrove Anaesthetists LLP own fee schedule which is freely available on this website.

I am insured how much will I pay for my Anaesthetic?

If you are insured Staplegrove Anaesthetists Limited Liability Partnership may send your bill for their services to your Insurer. However, we cannot do this for all insurance companies. Staplegrove Anaesthetists Limited Liability Partnership have NO CONTRACTS with any Insurance Companies & are entitled ‘in law’ to charge any reasonable fee for their service.

Depending upon your Insurer, there may be a shortfall between the anaesthetic fee & the amount paid by your Insurer.

Shortfalls arise, because Insurers;

(1) have not recognised increasing medical costs and have frozen doctors’ fees.

(2) provide different levels of cover for each of their clients.

(3) different insurers pay the anaesthetist different amounts for the same procedure.

Unfortunately the responsibility for payment of any shortfall will be yours.

Are the Staplegrove Anaesthetists ‘recognised’ by my insurance company?

Because all Staplegrove Anaesthetists are in substantive NHS consultant posts your insurer cannot demand any higher quality or standard of doctor. They are therefore all ‘recognised’ or ‘registered’ specialist doctors.

Please note, that being recognised IS NOT the same as agreeing to abide by your Insurance Company’s fee schedule.

What if I have any financial queries before my operation?

Please do NOT call the Nuffield Hospital Taunton. Please feel free to call our secretary, Mrs Jane Lewis, on 01823 353575, regarding either your anaesthetic, the name of your anaesthetist, or because you require a quote for the estimated costs of your anaesthetic care. Before calling, you will need to obtain your procedure / operation codes from your surgeon’s secretary.