The Staplegrove Group is a partnership of 18 Consultant Anaesthetists based in Taunton, Somerset. Established in 1990, our members provide their considerable experience in anaesthetic services to both a large NHS Acute Hospital Trust, to a private hospitals and other commissioning groups.

For our local private hospital we provide a comprehensive service. We guarantee to provide anaesthetists for all cases, including out of hours cover and emergencies, and provide a pre-operative patient assessment service. We help and advise the hospital on areas of clinical care, including operating theatre matters, patient selection, drug prescribing, clinical protocols, clinical guidelines, equipment, critical care and pain management.

We are looking to expand our workload to provide services to new healthcare providers in the U.K.

All partners are practising NHS Consultants, possessing up to date, wide-ranging clinical skills. We are all fully GMC registered, have Certificates of Completion of Specialist Training, and are annually appraised/revalidated. We all participate in regular audit/Continuous Professional Development, and attend conferences to keep our skills up to date. All of us have much experience in teaching all levels of staff, other doctors, nurses, operating theatre staff, students etc.

Our contracts allow us to work outside the NHS. Also our size and management enables us ensure there are no real or perceived conflicts of interest for individuals or our organisation between the NHS and private/non-NHS work.

As a Partnership, our strengths are exceptional cohesiveness, we all get on, without exception. We thus present a united front and common voice. This is well recognised within our local medical community. Colleagues in other hospital specialities, as well as local GP’s recognise the group’s quality and organisation. This gives us credibility, the trust of our colleagues, and their confidence to entrust their patients to our care. It has also ensured we have been able to recruit high quality colleagues, ensuring the continuing high standards in the group.

The Group encompasses a wide variety of specialist skills. Each member has areas of special interest. Consequently we can offer a very wide spectrum of current, expert experience and advice, and this expertise is always readily available.

In addition, we endeavour to ensure that all members get regular exposure to most areas of anaesthesia.

We have expertise in providing anaesthesia for the following surgical specialities:

  • Day surgery/ ambulatory
  • Orthopaedics
  • Ophthalmics/Eye
  • ENT
  • Urology
  • Gynaecology
  • General surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Paediatrics

Also, we have specialists in Intensive Care medicine, acute and chronic pain management, regional anaesthesia, operating theatre recovery, equipment (monitoring, anaesthetic machines etc). We also have a lot of experience in audit, critical incident monitoring, setting up clinical guidelines and protocols, and ongoing training (resuscitation, ALERT courses) and acute pain teams.

The Group can offer a spectrum of services. We can provide genuine high quality Consultant Anaesthetists with all necessary training, experience and accreditation on a regular, ongoing basis. Alternatively we can guarantee to cover individual operating lists or on-call commitments at short notice.

We can also advise on setting up an anaesthesia service from scratch, including operating theatres, pre and post-operative protocols etc.

In addition to the clinical areas, we can provide teaching/training to hospital staff on an ongoing basis.

Staplegrove Anaesthetic Group is keen to be actively involved in the current new developments in healthcare in the U.K. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with the proposed new providers and commissioning groups, confident that we can offer a high quality professional service, tailored to individual hospitals requirements. We hope our reputation will help cement confidence in the quality of care provided by new healthcare organisations, amongst local doctors and patients.

For more information contact the Business Manager Mrs Andrea Stout