Paying for our services:

Staplegrove Anaesthetists LLP independently sets its fees for anaesthetic procedures. We set our fees and bill our patients according to the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland Voluntary Code of Practice for Billing Private Patients. If you are unable to find your procedure in our fee table below please contact our office on 01823353575.

Individuals with private medical insurance can use their policy to pay our fees. Please be aware that insurance companies do not determine the anaesthetic fee itself – the fee is set by the Consultant Anaesthetist looking after you and covers the full perioperative service provided by the group and is not just the operating theatre aspect of your care.

Private Medical Insurance Shortfalls:    Some private medical insurance companies publish schedules of benefit. These determines the level of reimbursement offered to their customers for any given anaesthetic procedure. The overall anaesthetic fee for your care may be greater than this benefit provided by your insurance company. In this situation you will be left with a ‘shortfall’ payment. This is a bit like an excess on a car insurance policy. This will need to be paid at least 48 hours before your procedure. Failure to pay this shortfall may mean that your procedure cannot go ahead on the date that you have planned.

Although the SALLP anaesthetists work together as a partnership, when you agree to have an anaesthetic you enter into a contract with the individual anaesthetist who provides your care. Payment for their service may be made in whole or part by your healthcare insurance, but ultimately the total settlement for any service provided is your responsibility. Anaesthetic invoices may be sent to you, or direct to your insurance company. If you receive an invoice, then you should forward this to your insurers for immediate payment.

SNH offers many procedures under a fixed price. These packages are inclusive of all consultant fees and medical costs. Our fee is covered in full by these packages.

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